2021' WMI World Mathematics Invitational - UK Region

2021' WMI World Mathematics Invitational -
UK Region, HK & Macau International Schools


World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) is the First international competition founded by Math Associations in USA and Taiwan. It gathers institutes and organizations worldwide that make efforts in promoting and popularizing mathematics. The competition (finals) is held in different countries every year. Through interacting with other math-loving students that represent their countries, students can expand their worldview, experience different cultures, and thus their horizon as well as their future will be broaden. WMI not only provides math-gifted students with an opportunity to participate in an international competition, but also allows the world to witness their competitive capabilities. 

WMI has gathered organizations from over 29 countries, United States, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Iran that give impetus to math education and popularization.

From 2013 to 2019, the competition (finals) was held in Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia which the finals would be at different countries every year.

1. WMI is a comprehensive competition.
Students from kindergarten to senior high school can all participate in this competition.
2. One of WMI’s traditions is to invite students from around the globe to do a research project regarding math.

The selected content will be broadcasted during the competition.
Please visit 
Student Seminar for more videos.
Since 2017, 
WMI Mini Math Creative Competition is established to encourage more students to convey math through creativity.
3. WMI is an open and fair competition.
All examination papers are graded by coaches from different countries and regions.
WMI Videos:


AOPS CCO, Mr. Grayson Maas, had been interviewed by KBTV of Hawaii, United States.
Sample Questions (papers are available in English in Final Contest):

Age Group:
2020-2021 School Year
(1) Kindergarten students (six years old or below)
(2) Primary school students from grade 1 to grade 6 (one group per level)
(3) Secondary school students from grade 1 to grade 6 (one group per level)
Individual awards
Gold Award: 5%
Silver Award: 15%
Bronze Award: 25%
2021' WMI Final:
Preliminary → Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award winners are eligible to participate in the Hong Kong team and register for the 2021' World Mathematics Invitational.
                   → Contest with excellent results can register for the semi-final and join the Hong Kong Team for the final with qualified semi-final results.
School awards:
There are no limitation for school applications. Top 5 results of the school will be counted for the school award.
First, Second and Third Place of the school will be awarded with the "Hong Kong School Team Champion""Hong Kong School Team 1st runner-up" and "Hong Kong School Team 2nd runner-up".
The primary and secondary schools (Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories) that have the most students participating in the competition will be awarded the "Most Active Award in Mathematics".
The math teachers of the Gold Award students will be awarded with the "Excellent Mathematics Teacher Award".
Certificates are issued by the organizer: World Mathematics Invitational Organizing Committee, American Olympic Mathematical Association, Chinese Mathematical Association, Korean Gifted Student Education Association
UK Region Preliminary
Application deadline: Feb 28, 2021
Competition Date: Apr 1, 2021 (Sunday)
Registration fee: GBP19
HK Region Preliminary
Application deadline: November 13, 2020
Competition Date: December 6, 2020 (Sunday)
Registration fee: HKD150
Macau Region PreliminaryApplication deadline: December 18, 2020Competition Date: January 10, 2021 (Sunday)
Registration fee: MOP150
* First Education Group is the only organization that responsible for the examinations and training for WMI World Mathematics Invitational (Hong Kong, Macau and the UK).

Application Form (JPG file) → Download
Application Form (PDF file) → Download

Sample Paper

(PDF file. Adobe Reader is required.)
Sample paper Link:  Question  Ansuer

Media Report

WMI Past Finals:
2019' WMI Japan Final

2019' WMI HK Preliminary Award Ceremony

2018' WMI Korea Final

2017' WMI Vietnam Final

2016' WMI Malaysia Final

2015' WMI China Final

2014' WMI Taiwan Final

2013' WMI Korea Final


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