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International Young Musicians Music Competition Wien 2023


International Young Musicians Music Competition, Wien 2023'

Organizer: First Education Group
Supporting Organization: MusikQuartier Wien
Co-organizer: Universal Academy of Performing Arts

UK Representative: MUSIC REUNION
Macau Representative: MMAEA

Thailand Representative: Music Bakery
The IYMMC is organized by the First Education Group in partnership with the Universal Academy of Performing Arts and the MusikQuartier in Vienna. It aims to provide professional and high-quality music exchange and learning opportunities for music lovers.

The IYMMC competition consultants and the Final Judging Panel is consisted of the top music professors from Vienna who are well-known Europe and international music circles.
Consultants & Adjudicators:

Professor Franz Zettel

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kropfitsch

Professor Luigi Manta

Professor Konstantin Weitz

Professor Mag. Arnold Steinwider Johannsen

Professor Eric Lab

Mag. Heidi Wolf

Mag. Zsuzsanna Ava-Nagy

Mag. Veronika Villanyi

Age Group (as on May 1, 2023): 
I) aged 4-6
II) aged 7-9
III) aged 10-12
IV) aged 13-15
V) aged 16-18
VI) Open, aged 19 or above
A) Piano (Solo, Four Hands)
B) String (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp, Guitar)
C) Wind (Brass, Wood)
D) Percussion
E) Chamber Music (Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets, Sextets, etc.) - all ages
F) Voice (Classical, Musical, Folk)
Competition Group: 
Solo, Duo, Ensemble (3 to 20 members)
Choir: (11-30 members)
Time Limit: 
I) aged 4-6: 3mins
II) aged 7-9: 3mins
III) aged 10-12: 4mins
IV) aged 13-15: 4mins
V) aged 16-18: 5mins
VI) Open, aged 19 or above: 5mins
Preliminary Awards:
First Prize: Scored 91-99
Second Prize: Scored 86-90
Third Prize: Scored 81-85
Merit: Scored 76-80
First, Second, and Third Prize winners will receive a crystal trophy and a winners certificate.
Merit winners will receive a crystal medal & a winner certificate.
All participants will receive a participation certificate.
First, Second, and Third Prize winners' music schools and teachers will receive an "IYMMC Excellent Music School" or "IYMMC Excellent Music Teacher" Certificate.
Music schools or teachers who recommend 10 or more students to IYMMC will receive an "IYMMC Appreciation Award for Music Educator" certificate.
IYMMC Final: July, 2023
Venue: Ehrgar Hall, Vienna, Austria
Qualification: First, Second, Third Prize winners in preliminary
IYMMC Preliminaries:
Application Fee:
Solo: EUR50 / HKD480 / MOP495 / RMB400 / TWD1700 / USD65
Duet: EUR35 / HKD320 / MOP330 / RMB265 / TWD1130 / USD45 (each contestant)
Group: EUR25 / HKD220 / MOP225 / RMB180 / TWD775 / USD30 (each contestant)
Hong Kong Preliminary:
Date: May 13-14, 2023
Venue: Hong Kong Town Hall Recital Hall
Application Deadline: Apr 17, 2023
UK, Macau, Thailand Preliminaries: Please contact your local representative
Other regions: video submission
Application Deadline: Apr 17, 2023 (method as below)
(1) Online Application: https://forms.gle/aK9MTrjAwny8zwEb7
- Complete the online application form
- Provide a YouTube link of the Video Recording (no video editing is allowed)
- Upload payment receipt
(2) Email: info@firsteducation.hk / whatsapp: +852 6698 2466
- Fill in the application form
- Provide a YouTube link of the Video Recording or upload performance video in Mpeg4 format (no video edition is allowed)
- Attach payment receipt
Results Release date: Jun 9, 2023
Trophy, Certificate, Marksheet posting date: Jun 30, 2023


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